Buy from a custom butcher shop in Brick, NJ

Are you leery of the prepacked meat at the grocery store that’s been sitting in Styrofoam containers for who knows how long? Would you like to know more about where your meat comes from? Shop at Angelo's Market, and taste the difference in fresh meat versus what you find at the supermarket.
We cut all of our meat in our butcher shop and stuff our sausages in-house. Shop at Angelo's Market for:

  • Whole pork loins
  • Whole beef loins
  • Sausages
  • Filet mignon
  • Chuck steaks
  • Spare ribs
  • Bell & Evans chicken
  • Pork cutlets

You’ll find competitive prices on all of the custom cuts at Angelo's Market in Brick, NJ. Stop by our butcher shop right away.

Overseen by third generation Butcher

Overseen by third generation Butcher

Our experienced staff can help you choose the best cut for your needs, and we’ll tell you how to cook it properly.

Besides offering top-quality beef, pork and chicken, we carry fresh produce, homemade sauces and fresh bread. We also offer an extensive catering menu.

Come to Angelo's Market in Brick, NJ today.